Case study: OK Capsule Helps Elo Launch Their First Product - Smart Supplements

About Elo

Elo’s Smart Nutrition technology enables them to tailor supplements and protein routines for individuals based on their biology by leveraging data from wearables, blood biomarkers, and detailed health histories to provide the most personal solution possible.


"Our products look at the whole you." - Edwina, Elo Marketing Director


Why Elo Chose OK Capsule 

In 2021, Elo was searching for a partner that could help them launch their first product - Smart Supplements - a monthly membership that includes at-home biomarker testing, nutrition coaching, and custom supplement packs delivered directly to consumers each month. 

They chose OK Capsule – the B2B platform for personalized nutrition – because they needed a partner who was flexible, personalized, and transparent.

  • Flexible: Elo needed a partner who could move at the speed of their business, adjusting supplement routines for each customer up to 4x a year. Rather than struggle with multiple partners across the fragmented supplement industry, Elo leveraged OK Capsule’s Personal Packs as a one-stop-shop solution to provide their customers with all of the supplements they needed in a single package that could be easily customized each month. 
  • Personalized: To put the “smart” in Smart Supplements, Elo wanted to make it clear to each customer that their solutions were specifically formulated for them. Elo worked with OK Capsule’s design team to create an Elo-branded dispenser, filled with easy-to-read daily packs with each customer’s name at the top and supplement listed at a glance. 
  • Transparent: Elo’s science-backed approach means their customers aren’t just intuitively feeling the results of their supplements - they’re looking for measurable signs of progress in their bloodwork and data. OK Capsule was able to work directly with Elo’s science team to not only provide detailed information about the purity of each supplement and testing process but to work together to adjust supplements for key variables like bioavailability.

A Seamless Customer Experience 

Now that Smart Supplements is live, customers can go through Elo’s detailed personalization process and receive tailored supplements each month, without ever leaving the Elo platform. OK Capsule packages, brands, personalizes, and drop ships supplements directly to their customers’ doors. By using OK Capsule’s portable, easily tear-able, vitamin packs, Elo empowers their customers to make supplements an easy ritual where they can take a pack each morning at home or grab and go if they’re traveling.

What’s Next For Elo?  

“We’re continuing to push the boundaries on the types of data our customers can bring to us. Right now, we send a biomarker kit to customers at the start of their journey with us to discover their nutritional gaps but we’re working towards a future where they could get started faster by bringing us results directly from their doctors.”

- Zuzana, Elo Science Director



OK Capsule is a B2B platform that provides the technology, products, fulfillment, and strategic support that makes it safe, simple, and sustainable for companies to launch and scale the delivery of personalized nutrition to their customers.